Miracle Vision Press- Documents and Articles:


Document or Article Title Document or Article Summary

(the) ACIM Urtext, The original typewritten transcript
(Document in PDF format)

A copy of the first publicly released PDF of the Utext.
(the) Path to Extreme Violence: Nazism and Serial Killers(Document in PDF format) Comparisons of the psychological dynamics for war against the psychological dynamics for violent individuals.
Procedures for US Telephone Co. Local-Exchange-Company (LEC) Lookiup by Zip Code: (Article in HTML format) Instructions for determining who the primary wired phone company carrier is within any given US zipcode area.
Setting the Record Straight: How Did Father Groeschel Really Feel About Bill Thetford? (Article in PDF format) "Just how 'sinister' could one Dr, Bill Thetford really be?"  He said... she said.... But what did he really say? One phone call gets to the bottom of it.
What Does ACIM Have to Say About Sex? (Article in PDF format) Some say that ACIM is a mis-mash of Hindu and Christian thought. If so, then shouldn't it be as promiscuous as the Hindu Tantras? But is it really? Read and see.
Georgina Lightning Biographical Info From Her Email (In PDF Format) Documentation of an email from Georgina Lightning regarding various points of auto-biographical information.



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