Procedures for Determining the Primary Wired US Telephone Company or

Local-Exchange-Company (LEC)

Within a Given Zip Code:

One way to determine the LEC (the Primary Wired Phone Company) in a given area, using a zip code as the basis for the search, without having to buy and wait for a costly LEC print directory, is as follows:

  1. Determine the primary local governmental municipal authority or other administrative unit governing the zip code in question (e.g. a city, township or county government). This can usually be done by simply Googling on the zip code in question, then noting the name of the municipality shown as being associated with that zip-code.
  2. Next Google on the "municipality name, state name" (less zip code), then click on the link leading to the government of the municipality in question.
  3. Then while navigating within that municipality's web-pages, determine and note the phone number of that municipality.
  4. Click on the following link to access the Local-Calling-Guide's Lookup by Area-Code:

    The Local Calling Guide's Prefixes by Area Code Lookup Page

  5. Navigate within this page to the Area Code in question.
  6. Within that Area-Code, navigate to the 3-digit prefix of the municipality in question.
  7. Note the name of the phone company associated with that municipality.
  8. Click on that phone company's "prefixes" link.
  9. To be directed to the phone company in question's website, from the page showing the prefixes of that phone company, click on the actual link of that phone company.